Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Medical Check-up Before Working As Government Servant


A notice for those who are planning to go for medical check up right, the following hospital do not offer us to do, so don't waste your time to go to the following hospitals:

1.) Hospital Serdang (according to Eunice)
2.) Hospital Ampang

I heard some of my friends complained that the staff in certain Klinik Kesihatan (but not all) do not allow us to do the body check up, so for those who are in KL, it's better go to GHKL (for other state u go to yr respective state general hospital) if u do not want to regret and u must go early to avoid traffic jam and parking difficulty. Better try not to go to private hospital/clinic (this is said by the staff to me this morning in GHKL), since we'll be going to become government servant so it's better to go to government hospitals.

To make things easier, pls fill the 1st part of medical check up and photostat a copy of the SPA offer letter, bring these 2 forms along. Pls dress appropriately especially for girls and bring a witness if needed. I think u better do it now before it's too late. On that day, we need to fill up a few forms in hospital, then followed up by height & weight measurement; brief eye examination + colour blind test; collect 2 urine samples and chest X-ray. After 14 days, then u all have to visit GHKL to meet GP for full physical examination. The whole process is about 1-2 hour depending on the crowd in GHKL, especially for the X-ray part. Others very fast de. Oh, one more thing, pls do the dentist check up separately whether in private or government.

Thank you~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The BMD Form


AAD has just replied our questions about the form, pls check our class email for further details. As for now to EVERYONE, pls send yr complete BMD forms along with 4 documents in an envelope (one student one envelope) written with the KKM address and attention to PN SALWANI BINTI ISMAIL/PN FAEZAH. Pls al these send to AAD latest by 5th July 5pm (courier or pos-laju). Other forms including medical check-up form, pls ON HOLD 1st. For those who stay near KL, u can place the envelope in the pigeon hole provided by AAD. Anyone who send after this date will have to send it by yrself. Pls double check all documents before sending as AAD will not be checking for us.

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Intellectual Property & Innovation Seminar 2012



Date : 19 May 2012
Time : 8.15am to 1.00pm
Venue : KLCC Hospitality Lounge 1, Hall 1

Speaker 1:

Dr Ciesinski, VP of SRI (Stanford Research Institute) from Silicon Valley to talking on the Eco-system for Inventors.

SRI is one of the leaders in the world for innovation and invention. The computer mouse, and latest the I-phone apps SIRI ( a voice activated virtual personal assisitant using CALO (cognitive assistant that learns & organizes) are products developed there.

Ciesinski is the Commercial R&D Business Development Head of SRI and is an electrical engineer with an MBA from Stanford. He was the former CEO of Yahoo.

Speaker 2:

Linus Liang from Stanford Design School and a young technopreneur will talk on social invention & design for extreme affordability. He is a member from a group of post grad student at Stanford that invented and developed a product call Embrace for the poor in the world.

The product is a cheap portable 'incubator' that will help save millions of babies in the 3rd world like India from dying due to lack of warmth after birth as a result of not being able to get and afford incubators and hospital care.

The group is receiving financial support from Bill Gates's trust fund after their success and is now manufacturing the product in India.

For anyone who is interested to attend, pls PM me (Jun Yan) as soon as possible because it's first come first serve basis.

Thank you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Tracer Studies surveys by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

Dear Graduates

Greetings from the International Medical University (IMU)!

For your kind information, all graduates of Higher Education Institutions who are graduating in the year 2012 (those awarded a degree certificate from IMU) are required to complete the Tracer Studies survey.  The purpose of this survey is to get your feedback about:

–      your programme of study
–      the University facilities and services
–      how you fare in your field of work

Please follow the below steps in order to complete the survey by 5.00pm on Thursday, 24 May 2012:

1.       READ through the attached Appendix as it will help you to answer the questions (10% of the questions are opinion-based which mean students need to type out otherwise they cannot proceed to the next page).

2.       Log on to the MOHE website (please copy and paste the following URL): http://graduat.mohe.gov.my/skpg1/nokp.php

3.       Log in with:
a.       IC Number for Malaysian; or Passport Number for Non-Malaysian
b.      Choose ‘IPTS’ for Institution, and
c.       Search/choose ‘International Medical University’.

4.       Click the Hantar button to start the survey.

5.       Answer ALL questions.  Once completed, your profile will be shown on the screen and you could print an ‘Acknowledgement Slip’ (sample as attached herewith in PDF format) for reference.

6.       Reply to this email by attaching the ‘Acknowledgement Slip’ as a proof you have completed the survey, OR

7.       Bring along the ‘Acknowledgement Slip’ to IMU on 25 May 2012 (Rehearsal Day) to exchange it with your graduation gown.  Failure to present the ‘Acknowledgement Slip’ may result to being prohibited from collecting the graduation gown.

If you encounter any problem while doing the survey, please contact Ms Nor Shazana Ismail, Unit Kajian Pengesanan Graduan, MOHE at 03 8870 5111 or send an email to tracer_ipts@mohe.gov.my.

Thank you.

Maryani Masri
Student Records & Placements
Academic Services Department
International Medical University, Malaysia (IMU)
DID: 03-2731 7443 (Ext. 2202)
Fax: 03-8656 7229

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MUET latest result slip

Dear Students,

Please go through the below file "MUET latest result slip" under timetable and notices in the elearning portal. If your name is found in the list, kindly scan your latest MUET result slip and email to Ms Girlie Gan @ girlie_gan@imu.edu.my by the latest 8 May 2012.

Thank you.


IMU Caution Deposit Refund

Dear Students,

Congratulations on your End of Course in IMU. Kindly refer to your IMU student email (Name@student.imu.edu.my) and complete the form attached for respective Caution Deposit Refund in JUNE’12.

Please be informed that respective refund will be transferred within 30 WORKING DAYS AFTER CONVOCATION on 26th MAY’12. Appreciate if you could deliver this message to parents or to whom it may concern.

Please ignore this email if you have submitted the form earlier OR you may choose to FORWARD to your colleagues as a reminder (in case they have not received). Thanks & Wish you a nice day!

Warm Regards,
Yun Leng
IMU Education Sdn Bhd
Finance Department
Direct: 03-2731 7390
Tel: 03-8656 7228  ext. 2516

SPA Interview Schedule


The SPA interview schedule is out already! Please check our elearning portal under timetable and notices! Please read the schedule carefully and make sure you attend the interview at the stipulated date and time.

Thank you and good luck~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IMU Convocation

For our Convocation right, pls read all the details in the envelope provided by Siao Hui Lee yesterday. Everything is stated there very clearly. If u have any questions, pls contact Ms Jacinta, Student Services via the number given there. Pls remember to return the reply form and the order form for the banquet by 11 May 2012 (Friday) whether by hand-in personally, fax or email. Remember to attend the rehearsal on 25 May 2012 (Friday). Pls check out this video also. Thank you~


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Electives Write-up‏

Dear BP108,

If you feel that your elective placement has enhanced your perspective in certain area or has provided you the learning opportunity to cultivate important skills; you may want to share your experience.  For example, those who have taken the opportunity to take up Chinese medicine as their elective topics.

Please let me know if you are able to write something about your experience, by sending an email to me (sookyee_gan@imu.edu.my). Do hope to hear positive response from you guys.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Dr Gan Sook Yee
Module Coordinator of Elective

Clinical Pharmacy II Selective Presentation


Kindly be informed that there are changes of date and venue to the following Teaching & Learning activities with details as follows:

Clinical Pharmacy II Selective Presentation

Group: E
Date: Thursday, 22 March 2012 (Week 14)
Time: 8.30 am–11.30 am
Venue : 1.08 (SR2)
Lecturer: Mr. Kingston

For all groups (except Group A, B and E), pls make sure there is one laptop for the presentation.

Thank you.